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Every month, thousands of Milwaukeeians visit our site to find interesting homes for sale.

And now agents and owners can show off their listings directly to our fabulous audience.

Check out our homepage, under "NEW SUBMITTED LISTINGS". These are submitted to MKEcribs by their listing agents (or the owner). AND, more importantly, these link directly to the listing. These also appear at the bottom of any of our featured listings.

We love our readers, they are an impressive bunch. They are young, upwardly mobile families without an agent but interested in finding a dream home.

It's 65% women. 80% are in their prime home-buying years (45% are aged 25-34, 35% are aged 35-44). 70% are located in Wisconsin and 12% are from Illinois.

80% of our traffic is on a mobile device (20% on a computer) and 40% of visitors to MKEcribs visit the site on their iPhone 6.

From two reader surveys, we know the following about our audience:

  • 70% do NOT have an agent
  • 74% own their current home
  • 65% are looking in a $300k-500k price range
  • 55% said they are "interesting in moving to a new home"

Is this enough info for you? Are you ready to try it out? 

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