February 19 2016
Four Bedrooms on Woodruff

4 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms


Four bedrooms on Woodruff, south of Hampton in Whitefish Bay.


Today we're feauturing this sunny, four-bedroom, two-full-bath home in southern Whitefish Bay.

Location? This is on Woodruff, two blocks west of Marlborough, and two blocks south of Hampton. This is around the corner from Cumberland School. 

The seller purchased the house in 2004 and put the home through a complete remodel. According to the listing agent Cate Cooper, the house was originally a two bedroom with one full bathroom. The seller added a second floor with two bedrooms and a new, big bathroom (with a shower and a large tub). We really dig the sunny kitchen with the cool natural wood color cabinetry and tile backsplash.There's also a nicely finished basement and a big backyard.

One photo of the kitchen below and please click the big link to see more photos.

(photos courtesy of Listing Agent Cate Cooper)

Link to Listing

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