November 1 2015
Another Fox Point Flip

5 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms


Five bedroom ranch in Fox Point back on the market after a remodel.


Update: We featured this home on Regent in Fox Point last July and it's still available - but now at a new price.


A good sign of a good market is when we see homes being bought, remodeled and resold very quickly.  And we are seeing a lot of this activity, lately. The word on the street is that younger buyers, upgrading from a downtown condo, really go for these.

This flip is done very well. It sold for $181k last December and is back on the market just seven months later for $550k. Nice work. And the kitchen looks great and has a sweet backsplash.  The dark hardwood floors throughout the first floor look really nice. The developer added new basement bedrooms and a bathroom to add to the value of the home (it was three bedrooms and two baths). It's now 3200 square feet - which is a lot for the size of the structure.

It's on .33 of an acre, just west of Santa Monica and north of Calumet. It's very close to Congregation Shalom and Stormonth School.

Some pictures here on this page and more via the link.

Link to Listing

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