October 9 2019
Evinrude Estate

5 Bedrooms


Five-bedroom Tudor originally owned by Ralph Evinrude.


Club Circle and Lilac Lane in eastern Fox Point. The Club Circle neighborhood is east of Lake Drive and just north of Calumet.


This cool 1930s five-bedroom Tudor in Fox Point was originally owned by Ralph Evinrude, the scion of the Evinrude boat engine family. Evinrude was the son of Ole Evinrude, the founder of the Evinrude Outboard Motor Company (later called Outboard Marine). Ralph eventually served as the company's President and Chairman. Also, his third wife was hollywood actress Francis Langford (The Glenn Miller Story). The Listing references a Frank Sinatra connection as well.

It has an interesting history and it looks great. Love the living room with the beamed ceiling, the big fireplace and the carved wood. The kitchen has been remodeled and looks modern. Out back is a huge yard with beautiful landscaping and a tennis court.

Pictures and details via the 'link to listing,' below.

Link to Listing

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