July 11 2018
The Regent of Regent

6 Bdrm


The Bacon Estate, a large turn-of-the-century home on multiple acres in central Fox Point, was just listed this week.


The location is Regent Road, in central Fox Point. This is south of Bradley and just west of Santa Monica.


This is our favorite home in Fox Point, and it is one of the oldest in Fox Point. This home was originally owned by Frank Rodgers Bacon -  founder of the American Rheostat Company (an electrical components company that is now part of Eaton). Bacon built the home (and several other homes) in the early 1900s and originally, Bacon owned a good portion of what would become Fox Point. (Douglas Frasier has an excellent history of the home and of the Bacon family.)

This was For Sale By Owner earlier this year and now it is officially listed which means we get to peek inside via the great, new listing photos (via the link below). Love the formal nature of this early 1900s home with the large "great room", the huge dining room and the paneled library. There's an attic space that's huge and open that would be great for a kids' playroom. And outside, there's a large patio setup on a gigantic yard.

Details, pictures, etc via the 'link to listing', below.

Link to Listing

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