June 1 2018
A Mediterranean Revival

6 Bdrm


This six-bedroom stucco Mediterranean Revival is listed via FSBO in Shorewood.


The location is Stowell & Jarvis. This is just a few blocks west of Lake Drive and a block north of Capitol Drive, close to Atwater Park plus Atwater School and St. Roberts.


This lovely, large Mediterranean Revival was built in 1923 at the corner of Stowell & Jarvis. There are actually two listings for this home - it is also listed as a multi-family home and has two addresses... it has been subdivided but, seemingly, could become all one (big) home. (If you look through the photos you can see there are two separate kitchens, etc.) We love the big arched windows on both floors. Additionally, there's undeveloped space in the third floor.

Pictures and details via the link to listing, below.

Link to Listing

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