March 12 2018
Bay Ridge Renovation

5 Bdrms


This newly-renovated five-bedroom Tudor was just listed in Whitefish Bay by Nickie Bass of The Stefaniak Group.

LOCATION: The home is on the 6000 block of Bay Ridge between Montclaire and Monrovia. This is just south of the JCC and a few blocks west of Santa Monica. Also not far from Richards School.


This five-bedroom Tudor was purchased in 2016 and has been through a big renovation and addition. In 2017, the garage was demolished and a completely new two-story attached garage was added. We like the new open plan of the first level (especially the big kitchen) but also that original touches remain - like the arched entrances and the leaded windows. It's a pretty and large home in a nice WFB neighborhood.

Pictures and details via the link to Zillow, below.

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