December 19 2017
Cumberland Renovation

4 Bdrm / 2 Full & 1 Half Bath


This four-bedroom renovation near Whitefish Bay's Cumberland School has been listed since 2016.


This four-bedroom renovation in Whitefish Bay was completely renovated in 2016 and has been on the market for over a year. It has had several price reductions and remains on the market.

The location is in the backyard of Whitefish Bay's Cumberland School. This is a great location due to its proximatey to the school but also to Hampton and to the Oakland Avenue commercial district (Colectivo, etc).

This home has had a very nice renovation including an addition to a big, open-plan kitchen/living room. We dig the counters, island and the big fireplace. The bathrooms look great and the basement is finished.

Pictures and details via the listing on Zillow, link below.

Link to Listing

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