October 16 2017
New Construction in Bay

5 Bdrms / 3 Full & 2 Half Bath


Five-bedroom new construction that is under construction in central Whitefish Bay, listed by realtor Jay Schmidt.


This is a five-bedroom new construction that is currently under construction in central Whitefish Bay and is currently listed for sale by realtor Jay Schmidt of Keller Williams - North Shore.

The location is Lake Forest Avenue, just west of Lake Drive. This is just a few blocks from the Silver Spring/Lake Drive intersection.

This is something a little different: this is an unfinished home that is under construction. An older home was purchased here during the summer of 2016 and the seller/builder has completed the hard work - the old house has been torn down and a new design has been accepted by Whitefish Bay's Architectural Review Commission (which is no simple feat). The structure of the house is complete, right up to drywall. Now, a new owner can work with the work with designer and builder to make finished selections to complete the home. A graphic of the first-floor plan is below.

The link below has the listing with the plans of the home.

Link to Listing

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