July 10 2017
Adventure in Fox Point

5 Bdrms / 5 Bath


Five-bedroom Colonial in Fox Point with an indoor pool and climbing wall.


This five-bedroom Colonial just went on the market in Fox Point, listed by Re/Max's Jo Ann Vetter. We've been by here dozens of times and never knew that something cool lurked inside - an indoor pool and climbing wall.

The location is just east of Lake Drive on Fox Lane and on the corner of Gray Log Lane. 

It's neat-looking colonial, with big columns supporting the front portico. But, of course, the reason we totally want this place is the indoor pool and climbing wall. This is the first time we can recall a climbing wall in any house around MKE. Who needs Adventure Rock when you have this setup? Too bad you can't belay down right into the pool, but regardless it's darn cool.

Pictures and details via the link to the Re/Max website below.

Link to Listing

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