May 2 2017
Near Richards School

4 Bdrms / 1 Full & 1 Half Bath


Four-bedroom Tudor near Richards School in Whitefish Bay.


This four-bedroom Tudor in northern Whitefish Bay went on the market yesterday, listed by Laura Krushka, of the Sold by Sara Team. 

The location is the 5600 block of Kent, about 4 blocks north of Silver Spring and a block west of Santa Monica. This is just around the corner from Whitefish Bay's Richards School, near the JCC and not far from Bayshore Mall.

This home has a nice layout with a bright, formal living room in front and then a family room-kitchen in the back half of the house. There's a separate, formal dining room.

Pictures and details via the link below.

Thanks to listing agent Laura Kruschka for permission to show the photos.

Link to Listing

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