January 11 2017
Fascination in Cedarburg

5 Bedrooms / 3 Full Bath


Five-bedroom huge Cedarburg historic home.


We are fascinated by this early-1900s Cedarburg mansion in Cedarburg that was just listed in late December. It is huge (five bedrooms) and located right in downtown Cedarburg. And, it has a very lovely yard with a historic gazebo and a pool.

The location is just south of downtown Cedarburg, on Washington Ave. South of Spring Street, this home is about as close as you can get to the cute part of Teh Burg.

The house looks more like an eastside home than something we typically find in Cedarburg. The pictures don't quite do it justice (like the photo of all the cereals on the counter in the kitchen) but it looks like it is a pretty home. There's an interesting second story sunroom that faces the southwest and would be very sunny in winter. 

The property looks gorgeous. The brick driveway leads to an extra garage that has some sort of studio space. There's an inground pool that can be seen in the satellite photos but is not pictured in the listing. And the gazebo/pergola that is pictured is listed on the Wisconsin Historical Society website.

Photos and details via the link to Realtor.com, below.

Link to Listing

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