December 19 2016
Crossway Crossroad

3 Bedrooms / 2 Full Bath


Three-bedroom home in Fox Point.


We've seen this three-bedroom home off and on the market during the last year. It's in a part of Fox Point that has had significant flipping activity, so we are surprised that someone hasn't taken the opportunity to flip this one.

The location is Crossway in Fox Point right off of Calumet. Calumet gives great access to both Port Washington and Lake Drive, so it's quite convenient. However it's a busier spot than a typical Fox Point location.

This home has had some work done in its recent history including some really interesting artwork on the walls. However, if you can get past the paint, you might be able to notice that the floors, bathrooms and kitchen have all been redone. It's a three bedrooms, but with its big backyard, maybe there's a way to make the home bigger for a fourth bedroom or larger living spaces.

Pictures and details via the link below.

Link to Listing

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