December 10 2016
Carlisle Addition

4 Bedrooms / 3 Full Bath



Four bedrooms near Silver Spring in Whitefish Bay.


This four-bedroom cream-brick home near Silver Spring in Whitefish Bay has been for sale by the owner for almost two months and is now officially listed on the local-area realtor sites.

The location is just a few blocks north of Silver Spring on Carlisle. This is just west of Lake Drive and very close to Richards School as well as Klode Park.

The sellers gave this home a large addition in 2011 that added a very cool great room to the back of the house. Additionally, they followed that up with a variety of updates, all documented on their website. Nice marketing! We wish more folks would take this kind of effort to sell their home.

Check out the pictures via Zillow (big link below) and the details via

Link to Listing

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