December 6 2016
Ideal WFB Location

3 Bedrooms / 2 Full & 1 Half Bath


Three-bedroom brick home in eastern Whitefish Bay.


You can't really beat the Whitefish Bay location of this three-bedroom brick home which was just re-listed this week. It's been on the market since May but has a new listing agent and new photos.

The location is where Cumberland, Lancaster and Larkin meetup. The address is on Cumberland but the front door is actually on Lancaster. This is two blocks from Lake Drive and two blocks from Whitefish Bay High, an ideal location.

We were initially attracted to this home by the kitchen. It's had a recent remodel and looks great with some serious cabinets and high-end appliances. There's a formal living room and a good-sized family room as well. There's a large finished basement that has one of the two full bathrooms.

Click the link below the kitchen photo for the details and photos.

(thanks to listing agent Jay Schmidt for the permission to use the photos).

Link to Listing

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