November 11 2016
On Land Part 2

2 Bedrooms / 2 Full Bath


Two bedroom new construction north of Brady.


A year ago, we featured this new construction spec house when it had just began construction. Now it's complete and listed just a few weeks ago. It's neat to see a project take shape - especially in the city of MKE where very few new constructions ever happen. Also, interesting to us is that it looks like it sold at some point during construction. Regardless, it's available now.

The location is very cool. It's on Land Place, just a block west of Humboldt. This is just up the hill from the corner of Humboldt and Water Street - where that Bel Air Cantina resides.

The first floor has the garage and one of the bedrooms. This bedroom has doors that open to the yard and quite a good sized yard at that. Upstairs is the living room, kitchen and the second bedroom. The second floor is bright and open with lots of windows and a high ceiling.

Pictures and details via the link to Zillow, below.


Link to Listing

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