November 8 2016
Goodrich Contemporary

4 Bedrooms / 3 Full & 1 Half Bath


Four-bedroom home on a quiet spot in Fox Point.


Here's a very cool, contemporary home in a secluded part of Fox Point.

The location is Fox Point, on eastern Goodrich, where there's a deadend with some interesting homes. It's an extremely quiet location. The listing mentions "seasonal" views of the Lake - this home lies on the bluff above Beach Drive.

And what a cool house. We really like the way it has been updated and that it looks quite modern. We particularly love all the large windows and the french doors. It looks one-story house (and the bedrooms are indeed located on the ground floor) but there is an upstairs with an entertainment room and a workout room.

Pictures and details via the link below.

(thanks to listing agent Shar Borg for permission to show the photos)

Link to Listing

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