September 23 2016
Bay View Mid Century

4 Bedrooms / 2 Full Bath


Four-bedroom 1960s Mid-Century Modern design home in western Bay View.


This four-bedroom Mid-Century Modern-style home was listed just yesterday for the first time... ever! The original owners were two sisters who designed the home and lived there until recently. 

The location is on the southside, on the corner of Ohio and Griffith Avenues. This is around the corner from Humboldt Elementary School and not too far from the Holt Avenue Home Depot.

This home is a product of 1950s/60s architecture. And for a home that likely hasn't been modified in 50 years, it looks remarkably clean and new - it's been obviously very well kept. The basement looks immaculate. Our favorite part is the living room with the high ceilings and a ton of windows (pic below). 

Check out all the photos and details via the link below.

Link to Listing

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