September 20 2016
Corporal Van Eweyk's House

4 Bedrooms / 2 Full & 1 Half Bath




This four-bedroom home was built in 1873 for Corporal Henry Van Eweyk. Corporal Van Eweyk migrated to Milwaukee from the Netherlands. In August of 1862, Van Eweyk enlisted in the Union Army and fought in the Civil War. This house was listed in August and has had a decent price reduction.

The location is the top of the hill in Brewer's Hill at the corner of 2nd and  This is really just a few blocks from where the new Bucks arena will be located.

We love this big, old house. It's four bedrooms but it's nearly 3000 square feet and seems like there is a ton of space. The first floor has such large rooms, especially when compared to most northside homes. The kitchen, which has been upgraded recently, is a big space, there are separate living room (pic below) and family rooms and there's a large dining room as well. It also has a finished basement with a door to the outside and a nice patio setup along the south side of the home. 

Pictures and details via the big link below.

(thanks to listing agent Mary Wright for the permission to show the photos)

Link to Listing

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