September 12 2016
Tosa Mediterranean Rathskeller

3 Bedrooms / 2 Full & 1 Half Bath


Three-bedroom Wauwatosa Meditteranean.


We love these mediterranean-style homes in Wauwatosa's Washington Circle. This one just went on the market today and looks amazing. This style must have been very cutting edge back then and yet still looks great today.

The location of this one is the west side of Washington Circle, just north of Washington Boulevard.

This one is missing its spanish-tile roof - we assume it must have been replaced at some point in recent history. But it retains those big windows that line the front and side of the home. We love the killer Rathskeller (aka basement bar). This one is quite large and features what looks to be a very cool, tin-lined ceiling. This listing also mentioned that the basement has a media room, a sauna and one of the full bathrooms. Awesome entertaining space!

Pics and details via the link below.


Link to Listing

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