June 28 2016
Fox Point Trending

4 Bedrooms / 3 Full Bath


Four-bedroom remodel near Stormonth School in Fox Point.


We are amazed by the growing number of complete rehabs in Fox Point. Entrepreneurs used to keep to Whitefish Bay and Shorewood but now Fox Point seems to be popular as well. It's a good thing - there are a plethora of older homes that need updating in Fox Point and Whitefish Bay's prices are up so high that it's becoming more difficult to flip a profit.

Here's a four bedroom that went on the market in early June. It was purchased last September and looks to have had a top to bottom remodel in the last nine months.

The location is on Navajo, in western Fox Point. This is south of Calumet and not far from Stormonth School.

And it seems like everything in this home is new - especially the kitchen and bathrooms. Also, the basement is finished and the garage looks spotless. Outside has had some much-needed landscaping as well (compare to last year's Streetview photo).

Pics and details via the link below.


Link to Listing

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