June 21 2016
On Crossway in Fox Point

3 Bedrooms / 2 Full Bath


Three-bedroom, Mid Century Modern home in Fox Point.


We have been hoping for something interesting, lately. We finally found it with this three-bedroom "Mid Century Modern" home in Fox Point.

The location is on Crossway, which is west of Santa Monica and runs between Green Tree and Calumet. This is just a short walk from Stormonth School, which, at this time of year, has a terrific farmer's market.

This home sits on an open lot with a very cool backyard patio. Inside, it is bright and open. One feature of this MCM design that we have seen before (and like) is the dividing wall between the living room and family room that is open at the top. It lets the light into the whole house but still separates the formal from informal living spaces. Also, this home has updated bathrooms that look great. And... We so dig the Lotus 7 in the driveway, but it is not included with the sale!

One more picture here and all the photos and the details via the link below.

(thanks to listing agent Lori Foulke for permission to publish the photos and details)

Link to Listing

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