June 17 2016
Northern End of Shore Drive

2 Bedrooms / 2 Full & 2 Half Bath

Buyers Vantage


Two bedroom Mid-Century Modern style home on a large property on the bluff above Lake Michigan.


This two-bedroom home on Shore Drive, north of Klode Park, has been on Zillow for a few weeks. It is now official listed, priced at $1.875m.

This is really amazing property. It's a large, open lot located on the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. And, this is the northern end of Shore Drive where it deadends. It's almost like it's within Klode Park.

But who needs Klode with land like this? What a beautiful setup. The house seems to be in the Mid-Century Modern style with a large, open first-floor plan. It's just two bedrooms but is still a large home.

Pictures and details via the link to Zillow below.

Link to Listing

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