June 9 2016
Prairie School on Summit

3 Bedrooms / 4 Full Bath


Leenhouts-designed former duplex on Summit on the Eastside.


This one is really interesting. It's a Praire School style duplex built in 1911 by Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Rubin. Mr. Rubin was a Milwaukee lawyer

The architect was Milwaukee firm Leenhouts & Guthrie, according to Wisconsin Historical Society. Meanwhile, much of the interior and furniture were designed by George Mann Niedecken, who also worked with Frank Lloyd Wright. The Milwaukee Art Museum maintains an Niedecken archive that includes drawings from the Rubin home.

The location is on the 3200 block of Summit on the Eastside, between Hartford and Hampshire. This is just east of UWM.

At some point, the duplex was turned into a three-bedroom single family home. Check out the photos via the link below, it has an amazing interior that has been maintained through the years. Upstairs looks like it has been modernized and modified from the original design.

Pictures and details via the link below.

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