March 30 2016
Gustav Trostel Returns

7 Bedrooms / 7 Bathrooms


The Gustav Trostel Mansion is back on the market.


The "Gustav J. A. Trostel Mansion" was built in 1899 for Trostel scion Gustav. It was the very first home built in the area that surrounds the Northpoint Lighthouse. The Trostel family had a large tannery in Milwaukee in the 1800s and early 1900s, a time when Milwaukee was one of the biggest leather producers in the world. (A good history of the mansion and the Trostels is here.)

The current owners have had it on the market several times over the last couple of years, listed from $1.2 million in 2011 down to $875k in 2013, up to $995k last year and now down to $749,900. It's a huge home -  seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms (six full) and almost 8,000 square feet. Most of the home looks to be in original shape but there have been some improvements through the years. It also has a four-car garage. 

How great could this place be? It needs someone to return it to glory. Click the link below to see the listing and all the photos.

Link to Listing

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