March 28 2016
Remodeled on Woodburn

4 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms


Four bedroom home, just south of Fairmount on


This four bedroom home in eastern Whitefish Bay last sold in 2013 for $455k. Lots of work has been done since the sale and it is back on the market for $612,000 a little over two years later.

The location is on Woodburn, just south of Fairmount. This is very close to Whitefish Bay High and around the corner from Lake Drive and Big Bay Park.

The whole place looks like it has been remodeled and the kitchens and bathrooms look great. The backyard also looks like it has had a fresh landscape. One thing to note, this is the first time we can recall a person in a real estate listing photo. 

Link to Listing

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