March 11 2016
Mid-Century Modern or No?

3 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms


Three bedroom, mid-century home, north of the Lions in Bayside


Here's a very interesting three-bedroom home that was just listed for the first time in very long while (at least as long as Zillow has been keeping track). 

The location is "north of the Lions" and east of Lake Drive on Donges Court in Bayside. Jacob Donges, along with Fred Usinger, developed this part of Bayside (and constructed the famous Lions).

We cannot figure out who the architect was, despite a lot of digging. And, we got into a bit of a debate today over whether this home, built in 1969, might not actually be of the "Mid-Century Modern" style. From the streetview, it looks almost "English Cottage Style". But inside the home there's plenty of Mid-Century Modern influence, especially the really lovely, huge, two-story living room that dominates the first floor. It also has a very cool second-floor balcony that overlooks the living room. Really fantastic!

Click the link below to see all the photos and more details.

Link to Listing

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