February 16 2016
Four on Fox

4 Bedrooms / 4 Bathrooms


Four bedrooms on East Fox Lane in Fox Point.


We debated this morning on which home to feature today on our site. The location and the (re)design of this Fox Point home ultimately won out. We've featured it before, back in September when it was originally on the market. It did not sell then and is listed again by the same realtor at a lower price (previously at $675k).

The location is fabulous: East Fox Lane in Fox Point, just west of the Lake is a wonderful location. It's also on more than an acre of open but treed property.

The insides have been the recipient of a very cool remodel. Originally built in the 1940s, the home definitely has a mid-modern influence: an open plan with big windows and an integration of natural elements (wood and stone) throughout the home. But someone has updated the home very well. It's gorgeous and we really, really like the modern master bathroom (the home has three-and-a-half bathrooms).

Click the link for the updated listing that has all the photos. We loved looking at the photos.

Link to Listing

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