January 29 2016
Vanity Fairmount

5 Bedrooms / 5 Bedrooms


Five bedrooms completely remodeled.


UPDATE: After only five days on the market, this listing has an accepted offer.


Like many Lake Drive commuters, we've been watching this home on Fairmount and Lake Drive get transformed over the last six months.

We know the seller-builders well. We've featured several of their projects, including one of our favorites of last year. And we actually lived between two of their previous projects on the Eastside. They do really wonderful work inside and outside the home. This one might be their best work, yet.

The location is technically on Fairmount, where Lake Drive zigzags around Big Bay Park. But's it's basically Lake Drive.

This particular project began last June when it was purchased for $445k. A few photos of the way it looked then still exist on Zillow. Now it looks completely different and we were invited to tour it this week (thank you!). Our favorite part of the house is the family room-kitchen combo that has a huge island in the kitchen and a gas fireplace with recycled granite stone work. This room looks amazing and the fireplace was blasting away on a very cold day. This room opens up to a little patio. It's very cool. This isn't some simple flip - a ton of thought and effort went into this restoration.

One big photo of the living room and kitchen here and more on via the link below.

(photos courtesy of listing agent David Jacobs)

Link to Listing

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