January 13 2016
Terrace Tudor

4 Bedrooms / 4 Bathrooms


Four bedroom home on Terrace between Bradford and Belleview.


When we think of Eastside Milwaukee real estate, we think of Newberry, Wahl and, of course, Terrace Avenue. Here's a four-bedroom, Tudor-style home on Terrace that was originally built in 1907. This house is on the market for the first time since 1972! 

The location is ideal: it's on the east side of Terrace, halfway up the block between Bradford and Belleview. It's close to the Downer Avenue business district, Lake Park, the golf course, the lighthouse and Bradford Beach. 

The home is 4800 square feet with three full and one-half bathrooms. The kitchen and several of the bathrooms have been recently updated. We really love the beautiful foyer just inside the front door and the sunroom with its huge windows. We also dig that the there are built-ins throughout the home.

Follow the link below to view all the photos and details.

(photos via Andrew Devlin of Euphoric | Photography)

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