January 11 2016
Down on Beach Drive

2 Bedroom / 3 Bathroom


2 Bedroom Mid Century Modern home on Beach Drive.


We've always had a dream of living on Beach Drive in Fox Point. There's no other location around Milwaukee that is right on the Lake Michigan beach. 

This two bedroom Mid-Century Modern home is located along the southern part of Beach Drive where the road runs along the beach. Because of this, this house is not located right on the beach. But it still has a really lovely view of Lake Michigan.

This last sold in 2009 for $610k and is now marketed as a potential tear down. The style intrigues us so we hope that it doesn't get demoed. The MCM style dictates a big living room with gigantic windows and this home obliges - the view out the living room overlooks the yard, Beach Drive and Lake Michigan. This is on a large lot (Fox Point lists it at two acres) and it has a big backyard, so there's is plenty of opporunity to restore, add-on or rebuild. It will be interesting to see what develops.

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