November 11 2015
The Silver Spring-Lake Drive Corner

4 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms


Four bedrooms, on Danbury, north of Birch in Whitefish Bay.


We haven't seen as many listings in Whitefish Bay near Lake Drive, lately. Also, the new WFB listings seem to be three bedrooms.

Now, here's a four bedroom with two full bathrooms (and a half bathroom) located near the corner of Lake Drive and Silver Spring. This is on Danbury, which is that short street that runs from the Methodist Church on Silver Spring down to Birch Avenue. This is right by the Winkies, Stone Creek, Sendiks, etc. And not far from Whitefish Bay High. 

What we like about this one is that the kitchen, eating area and living room are all one, open space. That seems to be rare in WFB. Also, the master bedroom looks quite large and the basement has been done.

Click on the link to see all the photos and the details.

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