October 16 2015
More Mid-Century Modern in Bayside

3 Bedrooms / 3 Full Bath


Three bedrooms in southeastern Bayside.


Up for your perusal, today, is this Mid-Century Modern ranch home in the southeastern corner of Bayside. 

This is on Wahner Place, a short street that is south of Brown Deer Road and runs from Lake Drive and dead ends at the Village of Bayside/North Shore Fire Department facility. It's a nice, quiet corner of Bayside.

This last sold in 2007 for $292k and is listed again nine years later for the same price. We always dig the structures of these Mid-Modern homes with their open plans and the use of stone and wood inside the home. And we really like the way this one has been modernized - it seems to blend well with the original architecture. The kitchen is a good example of making this home up-to-date yet still retaining the Mid-Century style.

Link to Listing

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