October 13 2015
Four Bedrooms on Lexington

4 Bedrooms / 2 Full & 1 Half Bath


Four bedrooms on the corner of Lexington Blvd and Idlewild in Whitefish Bay.


Here's a four bedroom with two-and-a-half bathrooms on the corner of Lexington and Idlewild. This is a block west of Marlborough - close to Silver Spring and to Whitefish Bay High. This home last sold in 2009 for $520k.

Four bedrooms with two full bathrooms upstairs is not that easy to find in Whitefish Bay. And there's a nice, big living room with fireplace. But, what do we like most? The basement, of course. Looks like an awesome place for watching a Packer game. We also like the patio that is on the west side of the street, to the side of the garage. That's a nice use of space.

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