October 6 2015
Mr. Klode's House

4 Bedrooms / 2 Full Bath


Four bedrooms on "Klode Alley" in Whitefish Bay.


Up today is this four bedroom home just north of Klode Park in Whitefish Bay. Despite the Lake Drive address, it actually sits east of Lake Drive on a quiet, short street with five other homes.

The listing mentions that the home was once owned by the Klode family. So we did some Googling on Whitefish Bay Public Library's fantastic online resource and found this newspaper article regarding the origins of Klode Park.

This short street was known as "Klode Alley".  Frank Klode originally lived at 6030 N Lake Drive, east of here, overlooking Lake Michigan. That home burned down in 1919 and Klode converted the coach house at 6044 N Lake Drive into the family home. Subsequently, other members of the Klode family built homes along the driveway and eventually the driveway became an "alley".

In the early twenties, the Klodes purchased the farm land to the south. They sold that land to the village of Whitefish Bay in 1928 for $103k (roughly $2.3m in 2015 dollars) and it became Klode Park.

Obviously, this home has been updated since the Klodes. The listing mentions that the home was built in 1950, so likely the coach house was torn down between 1919 and 1950. We especially like the bright, open living spaces and the cute patio in the yard.

Link to Listing

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