September 10 2015
Off Silver Spring in Glendale

4 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms

Rockmor Realtors


Four bedrooms remodeled on Navajo in Glendale.


Here's a remodeled home on Navajo in Glendale. This home sold last April for $127,600. It's back on the market just four months later for $289,900.

This is located one block south of the Brass Bell on Navajo. This is in Glendale, just one block away from Whitefish Bay. On one hand, it's not actually in Whitefish Bay. But on the other hand, it enjoys the close proximity to Whitefish Bay but without the price or tax rate. This is right by Bayshore Mall, but it's also very close to Kopps -  probably not a big deal for most people - but life would be VERY DIFFICULT for us.

The sellers did a nice job. The first floor looks really great. We love the counters, counters and colors. The upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms look great as well and they fully furnished the basement. There's also a big yard out back.

A few pics here, plenty via the link below.

Link to Listing

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