August 11 2015
Quick Turnaround on Newberry

5 Bedrooms / 5 Bathrooms


Five bedrooms just west of Downer on Newberry.


Here's another quick turnaround remodel (we don't use the "f word" on this site). This sold last fall for $317,500 last January and now is back on the market.

The seller, aka Jennifer Properties, has done plenty of eastside and Shorewood remodels. We like her work and really like this one. These old eastside homes can be restored to the way they looked or they can be modernized. Frankly, we don't love the retro route - we'd prefer to live in a newish home and that's the way this one has gone.

The kitchen looks really nice here and the living room with the big fireplace looks amazing. It's five bedrooms with three full and two half bathrooms with 3,500 square feet. There is a cool sitting room that looks like it's on the second floor looking onto the backyard.

This is located on Newberry and Stowell - just one block west of Downer and two blocks from the Downer Ave Business District. There's also an alley that runs behind the home. The garage is accessed via the driveway which increases the yard space. 

Some photos here on this page and more via the link below.

Link to Listing

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