August 7 2015
Can't Judge a Book in Bayside

3 Bedrooms / 2 Full Baths


Three bedrooms remodeled on Lake Drive in Bayside.


We are fascinated by this three bedroom on Lake Drive in Bayside. From the outside it looks like a old school, brick, northshore MKE home. But inside it's sleek and cool.

It's located just up the street from the Lake Drive-Bayside listing we featured earlier in the week. (And for some reason Google will not find either on its map this morning.)

First of all the ceilings... walking into this home must be a trip because the ceilings are at least 10 feet high in the front hall. And the kitchen is really fricking cool! All the homes we've featured this week have had awesome kitchens and this is no exception. It's got a really interesting countertop layout with an induction cooktop. And then not one but two large refrigerators. The rest of the home looks great and there's even a decent sized yard.

Some photos below but lots more via the link below.

Link to Listing

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