August 5 2015
Awesome Kitchen in Shorewood

5 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms


Five bedrooms on Maryland in #Shorewood.


This pretty home on Maryland in Shorewood went on the market over the weekend and we were immediately blown away by the photos of the kitchen. Who doesn't like an awesome kitchen?

This is four blocks north of Capitol Drive on Maryland and Marion. Close to St. Roberts, Atwater School and not far from Oakland Avenue and Atwater Park.

This home last sold in 2003 (the height of the market) for $217,600. It's now five bedrooms and everything looks very new so it's obviously had significant work since it last sold. All the bathrooms look great. There is a TV/family room that is separate from the living room and it looks like it has both front and back porches. But the kitchen is what makes this listing. We covet that subzero with the glass doors. And a garden out back? This is an ideal home for someone who loves to cook.

A few photos here on this page and plenty more via the link.

Link to Listing

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