October 19 2015
A Hidden Lane in Fox Point

4 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms


Four bedrooms on Juniper, off Lake Drive, in Fox Point.


UPDATE: This large, four bedroom home in southeastern Fox Point is still available and just had a price drop, from $970,000 to $869,000.


from 7/24/15:

Juniper Lane, in Fox Point, is a street you've driven by hundreds of times without knowing it's there. It's a short dead-end, east of Lake Drive but west of Barnett Lane. There's a ravine that runs behind Juniper and runs into Lake Michigan (the bridge on Bridge Lane goes over this ravine).

This home is nestled at the circle end of Juniper amongst several other big houses. It's right off Lake Drive but hidden so rarely any traffic goes down here.

Inside it's four bedrooms, three full bathrooms and 5,000+ square feet. The backyard is what we really like - it's got a great outdoor fireplace and nicely manicured grounds.

Some pictures here on this page and more via the link below.


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