July 20 2015
Ho Hum Another Total Remodel

3 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms


A three bedroom total remodel on Idlewild near WFB High.


It seems like half the listings we see are these complete renovations: purchased sometime in the last twelve months, then remodeled and back on the market.

We have to think that there's some sort of narrow window of opportunity for these - that the prices of "donor" homes have come up sharply in 2015 and take away the financial opportunity. Obviously, people like the idea of brand new home, so that won't go away. But eventually the cost of purchasing the home and doing a remodel is going to be more than the price people are willing pay. However if the market holds up, then maybe the opportunity shifts to homeowners who have owned their homes for a while to make the same sort of renovation remodel before selling.

Anyway... sorry for the rant... this three bedroom has three bathrooms (two of which are full bath) on Idlewild. It was purchased last summer for $170k and the owner completed a full remodel. It looks great - we really like the way the kitchen was done with the big island and bar stools. That looks really cool.

This is a good location, just a few blocks west of Whitefish Bay High and just south of Henry Clay. It's quite walkable to Silver Spring.

Just two pics below but there are plenty of photos on the listing.

Link to Listing

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