September 18 2015
Five Bedrooms on Lake Shore UPDATE

5 Bedrooms / 4 Full & 2 Half Baths


Five Bedrooms on Lake Shore Drive in Mequon.



Back in July, we featured this Mequon five bedroom home on Lake Shore, south of Virmond Park. It recently had a price reduction down from $769k to $759k. It looks amazing inside and it sits on an acre with a huge backyard.


This one has been on the market for a couple of months and we meant to feature it but it got lost in the shuffle. 

It's five bedroom home on Lake Shore in southeastern Mequon. This is just north of the Donges Bay and Lake Shore interesection, just south of Virmond Park. And it's got a hell of a park for a yard - the backyard is huge and the home sits on an acre.

Inside we've got mad respect for the kitchen/living room combo. It's big and open with a fireplace and nicely laid out kitchen. And with five bedrooms and six bathrooms (four full) and 3900 square feet, it's one of the bigger homes we've seen recently in Mequon (that isn't a McMansion).

Some photos here and more via the link below.

Link to Listing

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