July 8 2015
A Bayside Renovation

4 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms


A four bedroom ranch north of the Lions in Bayside.


This four bedroom home on Glenbrook in Bayside has been completely remodeled in the last six months. We believe that the seller/remodeler is also the listing agent on this home.

The location is "north of the lions" (the interesection of Fairy Chasm/Lake Drive). It's just west of Lake Drive and around the corner from this Bayside home we featured in June (which is still available). 

It sold last December (2014) for $239,904 and since that time has had extensive interior work. These ranches that are ubiquitous in Bayside are well-suited to the popular "open floor plan" that so many people want these days. And this home is a great example. We really like the way the kitchen opens up to the living room. It's four bedrooms with three bathrooms (two full) and 2,165 square feet sitting on about a half acre.

Some pictures on this page and more via the link below. 

Link to Listing

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