July 6 2015
Three Bedrooms in Whitefish Bay

3 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms


Lottsa decks on this home on Elkhart south of Henry Clay.


This part of the summer is always a quiet time for listings. Last year it was wicked dead in July and August. We hope it isn't the case this year and our super strong spring and early summer goes right into fall. This three bedroom home is a good gauge of how July will go. This is the sort of home that moved pretty quickly in May and June. 

It's on Elkhart, south of Henry Clay. This is a great location -  just a few blocks west of Whitefish Bay High and walking distance to Silver Spring. 

It's got three bathrooms, two of which are full bath. And it looks like the owners have upgraded much of this home. We like the natural wood colored cabinets in the kitchen and LOVE the little deck off the master bedroom. It's also got a nice deck out back and a decent sized yard to boot.

A few pictures here and more via the listing link below.

Link to Listing

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