June 15 2015
Killer Roof Deck in WFB

4 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms


Four bedrooms on Diversey, north of Lexington.


We missed this one. Not sure how we missed it... it has a roof deck and we LOVE roof decks! Luckily, it jumped to the top of our MLS search with a new price, from $613,500 down $15k to $598,000.

The roof deck! From the photos we can't tell how one gets to the roof deck but it looks like it is possibly over the garage. There's also a side yard/patio that looks great. Inside, a lot of the home looks remodeled, including the kitchen. Pics below.

This is second house on Diversey that we've featured, recently. It's a few blocks south of the home we featured last month and just north of Lexington Blvd. Close to Silver Spring and Whitefish Bay High. 

Several pictures here or plenty more via the link below.

Link to Listing

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