June 8 2015
Oh Marietta

4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms


Four bedrooms on Marietta, north of Newberry.


by Pamela Williams

The Water Tower Neighborhood is just full of awesome, historic homes for sale these days. Here's a cool one on Marietta, between Locust and Newberry, and walking distance to Lake Park and Downer.

This four bedroom, three bath (two full) home was designed by Milwaukee architect George Schley in 1913 for Albert Blatz, Jr. Mr. Schley was not only responsible for designing many East side homes, but also for most of the homes in the neighborhood currently known as Story Hill, near Miller Park.

I love the layout of this house. There are three bedrooms and a family room on the second level, while the third floor space is used for a big master bedroom and very nicely updated master bath.

It was last sold in 2006 for $400,000 and just went on the market last week.

Some photos below and more via the link.

Link to Listing

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