July 9 2015
7815 North River Road

8 Bedrooms / 6 Bathrooms


Eight bedrooms, six bathrooms on 5.5 listed by Milwaukee County.



This home has been repaired and completely remodeled and will again be on the market sometime in July (2016).


This home has been sold, details are minimal. But we think it sold around September of 2015. We are fairly certain it was for more than the listed price of $50k.


It's back! We heard that this property was sold but apparently that rumor was wrong. This home on River Road next to St. Christopher's church is again on the MLS with that same $50,000 price tag. But with new details: Milwaukee County is accepting bids for property and home up until 11:59pm on July 31. 

So that $50k price tag is really meaningless. Interested parties will just need to determine how much they think it's worth and submit a bid. We'll keep track and let you know the final price tag.

The photos below do not do it justice. It's a really neat old house that fell on some sad times. It has been cleaned out - there's no garbage. But it needs a lot of work. The garage is AMAZING.


UPDATE 3 (April, 2015): This listing has disappeared again. Not sure what's up but it has not been sold. We'll post it on our Facebook page and see if anyone has an insight into what is going on with this place.


UPDATE 2: Same listing is backup, same price with no new info and the same MLS#.


UPDATE 1: This one is no longer listed in the Metro MLS but does not appear to have been sold. Not sure what's going on. We'll keep checking.


This one has caused quite a stir. It's an old mansion built in 1929 on 5.5 acres in River Hills, on River Road just south of St. Christophers Episcopal Church.

And it's on the MLS for $50,000. 

What's the deal? It has fallen on very hard times and is currently owned (and being sold) by Milwaukee County. The county listed it over the weekend and just changed the listing to a "sealed bid process" due to "overwhelming interest". The listing will be updated with more details, but it's most likely that potential buyers can submit an offer and the county will chose the best bid. So it probably will go for higher than $50k.

Frankly, the pictures do not do this place justice. It's almost as if the County took the worst pictures possible.  We took a short tour today and it is pretty bad but thankfully all the stuff in the pictures is gone. The listing mentions multiple, serious issues but the worst we noticed is the roof. There's even a large tree that fell on the back of the home.

But we don't think it's a total teardown. It was a really lovely, old home that has not been cared for in a long time. It's large: eight bedrooms, six bathrooms (four full) and 5,500 square feet. It's on a beautiful lot with a great backyard and what looks like a neat old pool (no, it's not a pond - we checked). And there's a detached garage with five garage spaces that looks to be in good shape.

A few pictures below. Check out more details on the listing link.

Link to Listing

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